Mistress Lauren


I have been involved in BDSM in one fashion or another for the best part of my adult life and had an interest in it for as long as I can remember. Everything about this realm lures me in, intrigues me and leave me wanting more.

There are many facets to my personality. I can be a vicious, unforgiving mistress. A true disciplinarian with a sharp wit that enjoys watching you suffer at my hands. At times, I am also a sassy, cheeky lady that likes to play games. I am a temptress, who can seduce you with my eyes alone or command a room with my sexual energy.

As my personality is varied with many sides, so too are my styles of play I engage in. I am not always strictly Dominant in every session I do, and not everyone I play with is a submissive. I enjoy the opportunity to engage in different activities with like-minded individuals who don't necessarily 'identify' as a particular label. Sometimes, its just nice to have a play!

As an absolute Sadist, I relish any opportunity to engage in play with masochists, from the novice right through to your most extreme. Pain play is where my creative juices really get flowing! There is nothing like pushing the boundaries and seeing the reaction I get, or watch the blank canvas of human flesh turn  to a "pain-bow" of colours as my piece of art blossoms.

Although I am a highly experienced Mistress, not every session I do is deemed as 'heavy'. I also enjoy the lighter side of kink! I enjoy a submissive with charm and a good sense of humour that I can share a laugh with. I love all forms of role play and can transform into many personas and the natural actress in me will take over and transport you into whatever scene your heart desires.

I am a stickler for impeccable manners, and enjoy a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady. Good old fashioned manners and respect are a fetish of mine and there is nothing more erotic than a man who knows how to hold a door open for me and always remembers his please and thank you's.

BDSM, kink, fetish and fantasy are a deeply ingrained part of who I am. When you play with me you get an authentic and genuine exchange. I strive to offer an environment where you feel comfortable enough to let me reach in and find your inner pervert.



I love all aspects of BDSM and fetish and look for any and all opportunities to perfect my skills. I do however take special interest in the following:

Corporal punishment: This is by far my area of speciality! I love the swish of a cane as it flicks through the air before it lands on your flesh. I adore the blush of your bottom as I have you firmly over my lap whilst I spank you. I have an exceptionally accurate aim, whether it be my hand, crop, flogger, strap or my personal favourite the cane! I offer from mild to extreme depending on what you can tolerate.

Instruments of pain and torture: I am a true sadist and enjoy all play where I get to unleash this side of me. I am extremely creative in finding ways  in which to push your masochistic boundaries. I am particularly skilled in inflicting pain without leaving a trace of evidence. SM scenes are but some of my favourite and highly erotic for me. For me, pain is pleasure.

Cock and ball torture: Including orgasms control, denial and post orgasm torture. I have a large range of equipment to tease, tantalise and torture those testicles! I indulge in every form of CBT. From bondage to impact play. Tease and denial to post orgasm torture. Needles and castration fetish. I am a Mistress who likes to have a firm grip on her gentleman.

Chastity and key holding: I am a Mistress who likes to control things. Controlling your desire is highly erotic for me. I will decide if and when you will get released. I don't need a whip. I am your key holder. I can wait.. can you? Daily teasing with no mercy in sight. Soon you'll be begging to obey me. When you start to understand it's the only way to cum. It could take a week, a month, but there is unconditional obedience!

Bondage and restraint: I love all forms of bondage and restriction. I enjoy rope, leather, plastic and chains. I love to confine and immobilise you so that I can have my way with you. I have a particular interest in playing with "escape artists" as I have quite the reputation for my inescapable rope bondage.

Mummification and encasement: I love the sight of seeing someones body totally immobilised, The kind of restriction that only mummification and encasement can offer. You become my encased toy, to do with as I please. How long can you fight the urge to move? I enjoy saran wrap, bandages, duct tape, plaster bandages, body bags, the giblet or if you are really game the body box.

Sensory deprivation: I love controlling your senses. What you can see, touch, smell, taste and hear. As I take away a sense to heighten another, or take them all away so that you are cocooned in your own personal zone. Hoods, gags, mitts, body bags, vacuum bags, mummification are just a few of my favourite toys.

Kidnap and abduction: Ever fantasised about being abducted off the street and held captive? I can make this a reality for you. A huge amount of effort and planning go into my kidnap sessions. I can create elaborate role plays where your dream fantasy can be realised. I also team up with other Mistresses to create an intense and forceful scenario for you.

Water bondage and torture: I like to use water in various ways. At times I like to bind you inescapable in rope and then submerge you into water. Sometimes, I might feel the need to hose you down for being a dirty boy. Maybe I am looking to interrogate you, and water boarding is the best tool for that job. I also like to use water for temperature play, changing it from hot to cold and back again.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism: Do you like to watch? Or be watched? I enjoy sessions where I can invite other Mistresses in to watch you or maybe I want to walk you around the Dungeon and show others what you can take. Maybe I want to turn you into a display item. Are you someone who likes to lurk in the darkness and watch others play?

Medical play: Fancy yourself a naughty nurse? Or maybe you have found yourself in the hands of a warped psychiatrist, Dr Lauren is well versed in all things medical from light role plays through to more elaborate faux operations. I am skilled with sounds, needles, suturing, IV administrations, catheters, speculums, proctoscopes and much more.

Role play: This is an area that I can really let my creative side loose. We are only limited by our imaginations. I am a natural actress and love to immerse into any role, be it secretary, nurse, boss. school mistress. fembot, medieval witch, succubus. I enjoy more unusual roles, so if you don't see your fantasy listed here please email me to discuss.



- Abduction & Kidnap

- Anal play - light only


-- Body Worship - at my discretion

- Bondage & restraint - specialising in inescapable, rope, leather, chain etc

- Boot worship

- Breath play - Hand over mouth, choking, gas marks, smothering, water torture, bagging

- CBT - Sounds, catheters, bondage, needles, impact, ball busting and more!

- Chastity - Devices & key holding

- Corporal Punishment - OTK spanking, crop, flagellation, paddle, strap, cane etc

- Cross dressing and forced feminisation

- Electro Play - Violet wand, TENS machine, cattle prod

- Exhibitionism & Voyeurism

- Fetishes - the more unique the better!

- Financial Domination

- Fire play

- Foot fetish

- Golden showers

- Humiliation

-Impact play - punching, kicking, ball busting, rough body play etc

- Instruction sessions - safety, how to spice things up sessions

- Interrogation & military scenes - psychological, physical torture etc

- Instruments of pain & torture - lotions and potions, fire and burning, scratching, abrasions, nails, needles and so much more. Specialising in no marks.

- Kidnap/Abduction - extensive role play including off street abduction

- Latex/Rubber - body bag, vac bed, vac cube, clothing, hoods

- Lock & leave

- Nipple torture

- Needle play

- Medical - Role play, urethral sounds, cutting, suturing, catheters, electrics, needle play

- Menstrual play

- Mummification & encasement - Body bags, saran wrap, duct tape, bandaging etc

- Objectification - fancy yourself as a piece of furniture for my pleasure? A lamp or table or maybe a piece of fine art?

- Orgasm Control, forced and denial

- Role Play - I can transform into just about any persona your heart desire

- Sell used undergarments, items of clothing etc

- Sessions without domination

- Sensory deprivation - hoods, blindfolds, ear plugs, gags, mitts, body bags etc

- Sexual Domination

- Silent Domination

- Slave Training

- Smothering - panties on or off

- Tie and Tease

- Tickle Torture

- Trampling

- Water sports - Golden Showers

- Water Torture - water boarding, submersion, drinking, just to name a few