Mistress Charlee


Mistress Charlee



Australian-Melbourne-Original Transsexual Mistress.

Are you searching for a Mistress who can unlock your ultimate submissive desires?

As your Mistress, I can be soft and sensual, or cruel and sadistic - this all depends on you.

Are you a novice who requires a strict but gentle Mistress…

Or a well seasoned pervert who delights in misbehaving, just to feel the stroke of my cane on your skin?

In the past I’ve been known to be called whip-smart, sharp-tongued, and angel-faced. I have a wicked imagination and a sadistic streak a mile wide. I love to tease, humiliate, soothe, and then start the cycle all over again.

Don’t you want to be my toy?

As a dominant, I enjoy watching the gratifying pain on my submissive's face. If you need to be whipped, spanked, bound in rope play, flogged, or any other naughty infliction, these are just some of the experiences I thrive in.

Your pain is my air, and I need to breathe. Im ready to lock your ass in a cage, be worshiped and desired, whip you until you scream my name.

While respecting your limits I’m also there to encourage you to push them as well.

I love facilitating an environment where in a person is allowed to explore their fetishes and sexual psychology free from stress, intolerance, or fear of judgment. There are no sexual stigmas or shaming in my dungeon. I maintain a healthy approach and adhere to safety protocol at all times!!

Brush up on your manners, you will learn to Behave!

Bondage and restraint: I thoroughly enjoy working with all different types of bondage and restraints; Rope, chains and leather. My favourite is definitely being able to confine you in beautiful rope bondage, which then gives me the perfect opportunity to do with you as I desire.

Role play: Role play has no limits if you let it. Be free and let your imagination go wild! Being an actress comes really natural to me and I love transforming into someone completely different! (I guess all those drama classes in high school definitely paid off) If you don’t see your fantasy listed here please send me an email to discuss further.






•The photo shoot

•Drug mule


Voyeurism and exhibitionism: Do you like to be watched? PERFECT! I enjoy watching, especially when I invite another Mistress to come watch with me. Or perhaps I’m in the mood to show you off to everyone in the Dungeon and parade you around?!

Or would you prefer to watch others from the inside of a dark closet, peering through the cracks?

Corporal punishment: This is where you’ll see me in ALL my glory! Corporal punishment fast became my favourite activity to do in session. I have an array of implements to satisfy any which mood I may be in such as; Floggers, Crops, Belts, Rulers, Paddles, Straps and my FAVOURITE one of all, the Cane.

Skill Set......

* Anal play – dildos, fisting, plugs and more

* Bondage – light/heavy rope, chains and more

* Caning – light/heavy

* Catheters

* Chastity – devices, key holding

* CBT – weights, caning, needle play, electrics, bondage and more

* Corporal punishment – OTK, flogging, caning, belts, paddles and more

* Domination – mild to extreme

* Breath play

* Boot worship

* Body worship

* Humiliation

* Water sports - golden showers

* Tie and tease

* Fantasies

* Needle play

* Electrics - violet wand

* Nipple torture

* Orgasm denial

* Saline Infusion

* Spitting

* Spanking

* Sounding

* Sensation play

* Pet play

* Sensory deprivation

* Smoking fetish

* Interrogation

* Impact play - punching, kicking, ball busting

* Lock and leave

* Selling used items - panties

* Smothering

* Tickle torture

* Slave training

* Mummification and encasement - Body bags, saran wrap, duct tape

* Fire play

*Double Domme

*Corset & Lingerie

*Maid/Sissy Training

*Latex, rubber, PVC

*Foot worship